Pharmacy Reveals They Deliver Medications For Treating Alzheimer’s To Congress Members

A Washington D.C. pharmacy announced this Wednesday that they regularly deliver drugs for treating “serious health problems” to Congressmen and Congresswomen, such as Alzheimer’s disease medication.

According to STAT, the owner of the pharmacy, Dr. Mike Kim, stated that he has “gotten used to” knowing extremely classified and sensitive data about very influential people in D.C.

“At first it’s cool, and then you realize, I’m filling some drugs that are for some pretty serious health problems as well. And these are the people that are running the country,” Kim stated, naming treatments for diseases and conditions such as Alzheimer’s and diabetes.

Kim said he is worried that some Congress members have serious problems with their health, which may lead to them not being able to serve in their positions.

“It makes you kind of sit back and say, ‘Wow, they’re making the highest laws of the land and they might not even remember what happened yesterday.’”

The pharmacy, which sometimes fills up to 100 prescriptions daily for Congress, delivers the medicine to the “secretive” Office of the Attending Physician – legislators are requested to only pay an annual fee of nearly $600 in order to use the office.

The pharmacy, which fills up to 100 prescriptions per day for Congress, delivers the medications to the “secretive” Office of the Attending Physician — lawmakers only have to pay an annual fee of approximately $600 to use the office.

Sen. Bill Cassidy highlighted the value and need of the office which, according to him, helps Congress members be more productive as they don’t need to make long drives in order to visit a physician if needed.

“If you have a vote and you can’t get home to your personal physician, you need to see somebody, and I’ll run over between votes and be able to keep my personal responsibilities going,” Cassidy said. “It’s a convenience that definitely allows us to be more productive.”





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